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Off the grid

This is our robot in progress for this years competition. The final goal of this project is to cost effectively design and build a semi autonomous robot capable of restoring multiple components of the nation’s electrical infrastructure after any disaster. By the end, it will be capable of restoring power lines, transformers removing debris and delivering part components to disaster stricken areas. The name of our robot this year is, SABRS(Semi-Autonomous Blackout Recovery System).


Current events

Last year, we were faced with a new set of challenges. Current Events made us entirely rethink the space in which the robot operates. The robot is primarily designed to efficiently move trash from the gyres to the engineer, where sorted micro-plastics can be placed. The segmented arm can detach a ramp and net from both sides, allowing for flexibility for all challenges. All of our engineering is made possible by detailed designs, precision cut by a CNC to minimize weight and function efficiently.